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Copywriting: What is It?

By Devin Miller // May 1, 2010

Simply put, copywriting is the art of using words to let people know that they can do or buy something. Whether that means inviting them to your gallery opening, to stay the weekend at your boutique hotel or to buy a Coca-Cola – copywriting is how businesses speak to a specific audience.

It’s actually very fun. Copywriting is about people – and our need to communicate with each other. It’s the medium used for businesses to connect with the men, women and children that they want to talk to. With more than 6 billion people on the planet, sometimes this can be tricky. How do you get the right message out to the right people? That’s where copywriters come in.

Copywriters meet with people from all walks of life to gather insight and understand the way that various groups think and feel. Finding the right voice to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers is a copywriter’s duty and mission. It’s a social profession, as much as it is a classic artistry. Writing and communicating is not a new form of expression, but it could arguably still be the best (unless you’re into that whole speaking thing).

In the modern world, writing for business communication is more crucial than ever. Competition is fierce, and there are more channels than ever before to speak to one another. In addition to understanding the strategy of advertising though traditional mediums – print, radio and television – contemporary copywriters must master the art of copywriting for the web – which is no simple feat!

A vast landscape with millions of “shop windows,” the World Wide Web is becoming the center of global commerce. A copywriter’s job is to make individual businesses stand out in the crowd. They must not only work to drive conversion within a site, they must get the consumer to the site. Today, copywriting has become more than putting a pen to paper and an idea into action – it’s become a technical SEO copywriting battle where keyphrase analysis and search engine tactics are of paramount importance.

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