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What Is an SEO Content Review?

By Devin Miller // January 31, 2011

And why exactly do I need one?

If you find that you’re not getting the web traffic or conversion that you want, and you believe there is room for improvement on your website but aren’t sure what to do, then we need to do a Content Review for you. Word Refuge will examine your website, blog, social media sites, and all of your other online advertising platforms, to identify what needs to be done.

Then we will write up a detailed proposal that outlines all of the necessary procedures and possibilities for a successful online content marketing campaign.

What exactly will you review?

We will review your entire online marketing strategy! A copywriter will go through every inch of your website and social media profiles to determine what’s working and what’s not. We will identify places on your website where additional pages could be added, and the most beneficial themes for this content. Because high quality SEO content delivers improved search engine results, page additions like FAQs, blog posts, articles, service descriptions and bios can dramatically improve your SEO power.

We will also check to see if you have a beneficial link strategy in play, if the SERP descriptions are helping or hurting you (or if you even have them!), and if your site’s architecture is SEO and user friendly. After receiving our detailed proposal, you’re then free to accept all of our ideas, or pick and choose which services fit in into your goals and budget. From here, we will then write up a custom quote for you.

If I hire a copywriter to perform a Content Review, what am I paying for?

You’re paying for a strong SEO strategy; and you’re paying into your campaign. It’s similar to a contractor giving you a job “estimate”; typically you must pay for the site evaluation and bid.

The strategy we deliver is worth a considerable amount of time and money alone. Unfortunately ideas cannot be free. Our SEO copywriters have worked long and hard at their trade and are paid for that knowledge; otherwise, people could merely take our strategy and implement it else where. Therefore, we must charge for our time – a content review begins at $225.

What if I already know which SEO Copywriting Services I need?

The answer to this question is best explained with the following analogy: If you needed a new tire, you’d simply go to your mechanic and say, “I need a new tire.” He’d replace it, no questions asked. Correct?

But if your whole axle was making a terrible sound and you couldn’t identify the problem, wouldn’t you say, “Can you figure out what is wrong with this and get back to me? (And wouldn’t you have to pay a diagnostic fee, too?) An SEO Content Review is no different.

Therefore, if you know exactly what you need, (i.e. bi-monthly 400 word blog posts, a Twitter profile creation and management and 3 landing pages) we can certainly bypass the Content Review, no problem. But if your website is new and you’re not sure which pages to add and if there are ways it could be improved, it’s a wise business practice to ask for an SEO Content Review.

So if you think your online marketing campaign could be improved, but you’re not sure what to do, contact us now! We’ll write up a powerful SEO marketing strategy that’s perfect for your unique online business.

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