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Why SEO Articles are Online Marketing Gold

By Devin Miller // April 22, 2010

Articles continue to play a vital role in the media…especially online.

Since the invention of the printing press, articles have been among the most important forms of communicating news, information and opinions. Although modern technology has introduced a plethora of different platforms for communication, the informational and editorial article remains as valuable as ever.

In fact, articles have taken on a new and vital importance in contemporary times. SEO articles (search engine optimizated articles) now build online credibility for businesses by attracting search engine crawlers and boosting SERP positioning.

A well-written editorial article + the right keywords = a valuable SEO article.

Today, SEO articles not only educate the public as they have for centuries, they also play an enormous technological role by giving the search engines more content to crawl (which they love!).

When a high-quality article, that includes carefully selected keyphrases and hyperlinks, is published on your website, search engine crawlers will revisit and index the site. They seek websites that appear to be extremely relevant for a specific topic – and they do this by indexing keywords.

Having more content written on a clearly defined subject will further establish you as the most relevant result for a query. Therefore, the more SEO articles, the more relevancy.

In addition to feeding the engines high-quality copy, a well-written SEO article will attract other webmasters who value the content. They will often reuse or link to your SEO article, thereby creating even more backlinks and exposure.

This exposure generates vital backlinking to a website, which can drastically improve search engine positioning.

The more quality SEO content, links and keyphrases used in relationship to a website, the more relevant a business becomes in search engine queries. Because when it comes to search engine optimization, “content is king” and backlinks are the backbone to any online marketing campaign.

The importance of SEO articles is threefold:

First, SEO articles inform and educate readers – thereby establishing a business as an expert in the industry; they lure visitors to a website by intriguing their curiosity; and finally, they’re search engine gold because SEO articles include search friendly keywords, hyperlinks…and hopefully inspire backlinking.

The end goal of any SEO article campaign is to drive more visitors to a website – and we’re here to help you with that!

Get great online exposure with an SEO article campaign, today!

If an SEO article is written well, the reader’s inspiration will drive them to your website. Therefore it’s a great idea to provoke thought with the reader and push them to investigate further. At Word Refuge, this is exactly what we do. We write intriguing articles that shed a positive light on your business or NGO.

Contact Word Refuge, Creative SEO Copywriting Services, now for a free quote, and let’s begin brainstorming interesting topics for your SEO article campaign.

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