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The Rise of the Tweet – A Little SMO Giant

Joining the global conversation can drastically improve online awareness of your brand. Learn how 140 character posts revolutionized the way we communicate, interact and market on the Web.


Backlinks: The Backbone of the Web

By Devin Miller // June 18, 2010

If you’re not getting the web-traffic you’d like, chances are, you haven’t built enough roads in. Learn about why backlinks are vital to the success of any SEO campaign.


Copywriting: What is It?

By Devin Miller // May 1, 2010

Simply put, copywriting is the art of using words to let people know it’s time to do or buy something. Which means if you have a product or service that you’d like promoted, copywriting is the key to your success.


Why SEO Articles are Online Marketing Gold

By Devin Miller // April 22, 2010

Articles are as important as ever. Today is no exception. Search engine optimized articles not only educate readers, they also play a vital technological role by linking the threads of the Internet’s giant web.


Wagging the Long-Tail: Time To Get Specific

By Devin Miller // April 22, 2010

Position at the top of the search engines and attract highly targeted web traffic by using long tail keyphrases! Learn about why this is vital to your SEO mission and your overall earning potential.