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Project Year: 2011


Word Refuge has Arrived!

We couldn’t have been more excited when Clarence Wooten, the founder and CEO of the revolutionary Arrived iPhone App approached us to assist his company with impeccable website copywriting. We immediately said, “Yes! How can we help?!?”

With the launch of the app and the marketing site just two months away, we worked hard with Arrived to ensure their website copy was as slick as the app and that the online brand was going to be a powerhouse.

Word Refuge created a detailed website strategy, collaborated with the Arrived team to ensure the branding concept was dialed-in, and wrote and polished the new website’s copy. It’s been a thrilling experience to be working with these Silicon Valley gurus and to watch the Arrived app rise throughout the nation. We will continue the journey with Arrived all the way to the red carpet.

If you don’t already have the Arrived App, visit the iTunes store to download it for free today!



Awesome. It’s prefect! Thanks, Devin and Word Refuge.


Clarence Wooten, Founder and CEO

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