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Band of Light

Project Year: 2013


Guided photography holidays through France? Umm, oui merci!!!

We love photography, France, vacations and combining them all together. So when the founder of this dreamy startup – a company offering guided photography tours throughout France – approached Word Refuge for guidance building their new brand, website and marketing strategy, we were so thrilled to offer our services.

Because taking a photography trip through Paris, Provence and Bordeaux could be the experience of a lifetime, our job was to ignite in prospects the fascination and desire people often feel when they dream of France. We wanted the image to be romantic, clean and inspiring, and the copy to include all of the vital facts and benefits in a concise, clear fashion – while imbuing a sense of poetry.

After devising the brand ID, site map, SEO strategy, offering creative direction consultation and writing the website and social media profile’s copy, Band of Light was launched to the world as a beautiful brand that emanates the same style, sophistication and professionalism of its services. The project was a huge success.

If you’re interested to learn photography while exploring the France you can’t find in guidebooks – the France that remains hidden and magical and extraordinary – do join the Band of Light!



Holy cow this is exciting. The site with your words is going to be so awesome. I don’t want to think of where I would be if I’d launched with someone else. You’re the best, Devin! Thanks!


Jerroid Marks, Founder

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