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Forefathers Design Group

Project Year: 2011


The Forefathers design group has done it again! They’ve built a new website for their agency that is dizzyingly dazzling.

And who did they turn to for copy? No, not TextBroker – they came to Word Refuge, silly! Having worked with Forefathers several times in the past (we love collaborating with these gents), the designers approached us for ultra-stylized, creative copywriting to complement their gorgeous vintage site. So we went all out…

The Forefathers’ exquisite concept of a ’20s and ’30s traveling circus – an era we particularly love – was perfectly suited for Roaring Twenties jargon. We threw out words like, “moxie, razzmatazz, lollapalooza, the juice-joint and boondoggler.” It was wonderfully fun!

It’s always a great day around here when we’re given total freedom to let our true colors fly high with creative writing for the web. Thanks, Forefathers!

So if you need a web developer, graphic designer and illustrator that’s all aces, head straight to the hard boiled men at Forefathers – their talent will blow your wig!



As designers, developers, and creative directors we knew exactly what we wanted out of our new website. Once we had the entire structure complete it was time to add the content to our new beautifully polished website. However, when it comes to creative writing for search engines we definitely needed the assistance of a pro, so we called upon our good friend and partner Devin at Word Refuge. Devin was able to take our sentence blurbs and ideas of text and create absolutely astounding rich and powerful content for Forefathers. Without Devin and Word Refuge our site would not be what it is today! If you are seeking powerful content for your site look no further.


Jonden Jackson: Co-Owner and Co-Creator of the Forefathers Group

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