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Honeymoon Destinations

Project Year: 2011


Helping newlyweds moon their honeys – and take the trip of a lifetime…

For several months, SEO travel writers at Word Refuge we were fully immersed in discovering and writing about the very best honeymoon highlights around the world. It was great fun and a whole lot of work. We wrote ten, fifty-page travel guides each with around 40 accompanying photographs.

Word Refuge delivered 500+ pages of newly-wed bliss and 400+ photographs showing all the fun, extravagance and romance there is to be had during this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The ten travel guides include:

Caribbean Honeymoon Guide
Costa Rica Honeymoon Guide
Fiji Honeymoon Guide
Florida Honeymoon Guide
French Polynesian Honeymoon Guide
Hawaii Honeymoon Guide
India Honeymoon Guide
Italian Honeymoon Guide
Las Vegas Honeymoon Guide
Mexico Honeymoon Guide

Before writing the ten travel guides, we devised a uniformed outline to be used throughout each guide. This strategy included ten categories that ensured viewers would find ALL of the honeymoon information they were searching for.

The ten categories found in each travel guide include:

Where Should You Go?
Getting There and Getting Around
Typical Weather
What to Pack
Money Pointers
Helpful Hints
Great Honeymoon Activities
Must-See Sites
Cultural Dos and Don’ts
Must See Honeymoon Highlight

To view a sample of these guides, please download the pdf “Sample Project”.

This campaign was a huge success; the client was thrilled with the results.

So when your big day and big trip comes, you’ll now know exactly where to find all of the important information needed to plan the perfect honeymoon  – HoneymoonDestinations.Org!



Thanks, Devin! We certainly appreciate the quality of your service. The guides are fantastic!


Marc Mackenzie - CEO of Honeymoon Destinations

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