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Keith Sutter Photography

Project Year: 2016


When Keith Sutter, an extremely accomplished and highly awarded commercial and fine art photographer, approached me to help him articulate his thoughts on two pieces in a new awe-inspiring photograph series, I was extremely honored. Keith’s “Empathy Series” is a collection of black and white images of ballet dancers posing at a large damn site in Northern California. The photographs are emotional, dark and fantastic.

Keith wanted to explain what these photographs signified to him by delving into his view of life, the world and how it relates to art, human connection and the human condition. It was also important to Keith to explain how he was able to take these images in what looks like a very dangerous situation, and with what type of equipment – Sony equipment.

Keith and I enjoyed several long, interesting conversations about the symbolism he (and I) believed was behind these pieces and what they said about the nature of the universe. I thoroughly enjoyed this process and was able to ghostwrite Keith’s posts with a clear focus.

We were both very pleased when Sony Electronics chose to feature “The Land of Tears”, and its blog post, on its acclaimed website Alpha Universe.

Working with Keith is always a tremendous joy. This was a very interesting and satisfying project and I look forward to doing more work with this inspiring photographer in the near future.



“I would like to point out that one of my all-time favorite professional writers actually word smithed the blog, not me. Devin Copeland took my thoughts and made them sound coherent and if I may say so myself, interesting. Thanks, Devin!”


Keith Sutter

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