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Paramount Business Jets

Project Year: 2012


Reaching new heights…

Writing for the leader in private jet charter was truly a dream-come-true. We’re huge aviation and luxury travel enthusiasts (and Devin, the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, is a private pilot!), so we were thrilled by the invitation to jump aboard the preeminent Paramount Business Jet team.

The copywriting for this level of service needed to be impeccable, informative and inspiring.

PBJ was amidst a beautiful overhaul of their huge website when they approached us for ultra-professional and sophisticated SEO website copywriting. And with a target market of individuals netting of over $50-million, we needed to exceed everyone’s expectations without a hiccup.

After a very thorough study of the lay of the land by developing a 30+ page Brand, Target Market and Marketing Message ID, we delivered supreme SEO copy for the main navigation pages of PBJ’s gorgeous new website.In addition to writing services, we provided PBJ with design and structure tips to ensure every element of content and imagery were in-sync.

Working with a company of this caliber was a fantastic experience – these professionals really know how to navigate the globe in style.



Wow, I just read through all the pages – really nice work Devin! The writing is awesome! And not just the writing, but the whole detailed process and your understanding of what was needed was fantastic. Thanks so much for spending your holiday weekend to get it done; we really appreciate it.


Alexander Cohen - VP of Marketing

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