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Tied House Brewery

Project Year: 2010


Tied House Brewery launched a new line of beers and wanted to create a strong identity with bigger brand awareness. Word Refuge completed a creative writing campaign that has helped push sales by entertaining and engaging customers.

The project included a collection of 3 short stories to be used as printed promotional copy in the restaurant, as well as published on the website. This campaign also included corresponding copywriting for the beer bottle logos, which leads patrons to the website.

You will find the complete short stories and logos in the PDF download. And check out the Tied House Brewery in Mountain View, CA if you have a chance…their beer (and burgers) are fantastic!



Devin wrote great short stories for our brewery! They were fun, entertaining and are really helping us create a solid brand for our new beers. Each bottle of our beers has a short quote from the stories, which leads them to our website to read the entire story. Now our customers have something to enjoy reading while having a beer and a burger in our restaurant. We were excited by Devin’s ideas, and she was enthusiastic and easy to work with. Fantastic job, Devin – and thank you Word Refuge!


Quinn Cormier, Marketing and Product Development Director

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