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Zombie Hood

Project Year: 2012


“I have bad news, the world as you knew it is no longer…

You’re in Zombie Hood now, and the savage undead are ransacking all that’s left to live on. Save yourself from the horrors, learn how to scavenge and bash these blood curdling brain eaters.”

We love creative writing as much as zombies love face snacking, so this project was an extra fun one. We got to get wild with a deranged (yet, informative!) voiceover script.

Read the full script in the Project Sample…

If you, too, would love to take your project in a stylized direction, checkout our creative writing services – your clients will eat up originality like brain snacking zombies.  So don’t hesitate to holler!

And download the Zombie Hood iphone app today! It’s your only chance to keep your wits, and it’s free!!!



The script came out great! Thanks again!


Chris Spiccuza - Creative Director

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