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Bios, Profiles and Company Histories

It’s time to personalize you and brand!

With any type of business (online or offline) people are more apt to make a purchase if they know whom they are buying from. Currently the Internet is being transformed from a once impersonal medium into the center of social life – people are looking to connect with each other, before buying from one another.

So let’s tell your unique story in an engaging, readable way.

We use creative writing and SEO techniques to:

People want to know the facts behind your rise to success, but they’re also looking for the human element that is often missing from websites…and businesses. 

Creating a personality for your brand that consumers connect with and remember is a crucial element in building a profitable partnership with any audience.

Word Refuge copywriters are here to write it for you!

Word Refuge can do all of this for you. Whether you need a Company History or an About page for your website, or a Bio and Profile update for your social media site, Word Refuge will write it all for you.

Our copywriters will highlight your business achievements, introduce your brand’s personality and establish you as a trusted expert in the field  – we’ll write great copy that makes you shine.

Don’t worry – we’ll optimize it for the search engines, too!

In addition to writing compelling copy that establishes you and your business as a leading expert in the industry, Bios, Profiles and Company Histories should also be optimized using effective SEO copywriting techniques.

An About page is fabulous place to seamlessly integrate rich keyphrases into strong, inspiring copy. Of course with an optimized About page, the chances of searchers landing on your website increases.

Why not tell your story in a way that not only impresses consumers, but also pleases search engines?

Introduce yourself to clients, colleagues and potential customers with a personalized company history or bio – and contact Word Refuge, Creative SEO Copywriting Services, for a free quote, today!

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