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Creative Writing

"I try to leave out the parts that people skip." Elmore Leonard

At Word Refuge, Creative Writing is truly our greatest talent. It is the foundation for all writing mediums that we offer.

Although creative writing – prose, poetry, graphic novels, scripts and lyrics –is thought typically left for the arts, the marketing benefits of integrating smart imaginative writing into your content campaign are tremendous.

People are bombarded with the same type of sales literature day after day – and they’re damn well sick of it. So let’s grab their attention with something new and entertaining.

Let’s inspires curiosity, fascination, hilarity and intrigue. You customers and clients won’t forget it – they’ll love you for it.

And while there are ample ways to include creative writing in your online and offline content marketing campaign, few people are doing so. Set yourself a part and hire us to do something refreshing.

 We’ve got a million ideas.

Our copywriters we will brainstorm ideas with you or for you. Whether you are looking for ultra-stylized creative website copywriting, a short, humorous anecdote for your beer label, an inspiring poem for the back of your spa’s brochure or a short story to spice up your travel website, we’d love to come up with some fun, creative writing ideas for your marketing plan.

 To view a sample of how creative writing can be cleverly used to promote a brand, take a look at one of our creative writing campaigns.

 If you’re looking for a copywriter with ample experience writing creatively – and a huge passion for poetry, prose and advertising – contact Word Refuge, Creative SEO Copywriting and Branding Services, for a free quote today!

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