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Press releases have been a vital component of marketing for decades.

And today is no different. In fact, they could be considered even more valuable because they add one more influential component to your SEO strategy.

As news and media sites continue to hold the most authoritative position in distributing information (news is of course more trustworthy than advertising), having a press release published and promoted by one of the big news sites can transform your business overnight.

Here’s how a Press Release works:

When a press release is distributed to well-established wire services (PR Newswire, MarketWire, etc.), news sites like Google News, MSN Newsbot, and Yahoo! News are then able to easily search wire service sites for publishable news (if your press release is optimized correctly that is!).

 76 percent of journalists seek press releases when writing a story – so it’s a vital to have SEO news releases regularly distributed and waiting to catch the eye of editors and writers.

In addition to the benefits of news outlets picking up and publishing your SEO press release on their own site, backlinks from well-established news sites are incredibly valuable endorsements that create instant online visibility. Industry websites also seek out news releases from companies in their own industry vertical.

This naturally means that the more websites publishing your press release, the more backlinks are generated, resulting in more targeted traffic to your site, increased order volume and overall earning potential.

It’s also vital to have your press releases written and distributed by a professional copywriter. Here’s why:

SEO PR is becoming increasingly competitive and news sites are inundated daily with a huge quantity of submissions. Therefore editors will quickly dismiss your press release if it’s not in the correct format, if it includes too many keywords, if the links appear spammy, if the content is not actually news and if the writing is poor quality.

Therefore, when establishing a positive reputation with news outlets, search engines and consumers, you need someone who knows the tricks of the trade.

Professionally written, high-quality SEO press releases written by Word Refuge include the following:

An eye-catching headline that grabs the attention of editors and readers
Well-researched, factual content written with a positive spin
In-depth analysis of the most effective and relevant keywords to incorporate into the copy – your press release needs to be easily found in the SERPs by news sites and consumers
Content that subtly points out positive benefits (press releases must be written like a news story, not an ad) and encourages people to visit your website
Submission to reputable press release distribution sites
Weekly or monthly press release generation to keep your audience regularly updated on the great events happening in your business 
Sensitive content for damage control if your business is experiencing an unpleasant event

Other SEO PR ideas!

Word Refuge copywriters will also write a landing page on your website for each press release, if so desired. We’ll create a seamless experience for the end user by leading them from your press release to your website, and all of the way through the buy-cycle.

So if there is some important news you’d like to share, have a new product that deserves recognition or need damage control with a sticky situation, it’s time to generate positive buzz and build valuable backlinks with a search engine optimized press release campaign.

Contact Word Refuge, Creative SEO Copywriting and Branding Services, for a free press release quote today!

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