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Product and Service Descriptions

Do all of your images include SEO product descriptions? If not, let’s talk.

In addition to a great photograph or graphic element, every product or service should be accompanied by a clear, compelling description. Product and service tags not only describe all of the valuable reasons why a consumer should buy from you, they also play a vital role in any online content marketing and SEO campaign.

Utilize the power of SEO keyphrases in every product and service description.

Every product or service that you offer should include a unique description that includes both broad and long-tail SEO keywords.  Knowing which keywords to creatively integrate into smart, direct response copywriting is the key to any valuable product description. Word Refuge can do all of this for you – quickly, accurately… and creatively!

Product and Service descriptions written at Word Refuge include the following:

To view a few samples of Product Descriptions written by Word Refuge, check out our SEO copywriting portfolio

Contact Word Refuge, Creative SEO Copywriting Services, and receive a free quote – let’s get those product shots accompanied by great SEO descriptions immediately.

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