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A smart SEO Article Campaign is a sure way to online success!

If your website needs more traffic, more online exposure and more inbound links, beginning an SEO article campaign is a wise strategy.

There’s no better way to reach your online search marketing goals than through a quality SEO article campaign. And have no fear – Word Refuge will create and implement the entire strategy for you… in style.

Why are SEO article so valuable?  Here are two crucial reasons why:

It’s important to note that our copywriters are in no way “article spinners”. Our copywriters don’t merely fill in meaningless content around keywords; they write high-quality copy that is fit for press. Every SEO article that we write is meant to educate and inform first, and satisfy search engines second.

If you’re looking for $12 articles that are meant merely for a little SEO link bate, then we’re not the right company for you. We treat SEO and Editorial Articles exactly the same – the only difference being that SEO articles include keywords and a web friendly format.

Although online marketers have gone hog-wild with spammy keyphrase stuffed articles, filling nonsensical blogs with mass amounts of unreadable copy for a few years now, Google does NOT like poor quality copy and is perpetually creating new ways to screen out useless content.

Word Refuge does not take part in any spam related, black-hat SEO copywriting techniques. So when Google begins penalizing sites for terribly written $12 SEO articles, you’ll be sitting pretty with your quality content written by us.

Every editorial SEO articles we write is a top-quality, informative piece that you’ll be proud to post on your website or blog, as well as distribute to online and offline publications.

Google will reward you for white-hat practices and you’ll see your rankings dramatically improve. Here’s an example of a quality SEO article written at Word Refuge and published in an online article directory.

We’ll write and distribute your SEO articles, so that you can sit back and enjoy all of the new web-traffic soon heading your way. So let’s get started today!

Contact Word Refuge, Creative SEO Copywriting and Branding Services, and we’ll work with you to identify which topics will best suit an SEO article campaign for your business.

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