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Online content marketing campaigns that skyrocket results…

In today’s hyper competitive online landscape, it’s critical to market your business across many different Internet platforms. Simply having a website is not enough.

We need to develop a custom-tailored online content marketing campaign that promotes your brand throughout the great expanses of the web.

How will our copywriting and branding shop do this?

First and foremost we will identify who your target audience is – it’s useless to merely send out content into the web and hope the right people find it. We will find them and then, we will speak directly with them.

By understanding whom we are speaking to, we’ll be able to develop a solid brand concept for you that includes a ultra-focused marketing message and keyphrase strategies (to learn more about our branding services, please contact us for samples).

Once we’ve completed the researching and concepting phase, we’ll then devise a strategic online marketing plan that will garner your business tremendous exposure. We can include wide range of services to approach your market from many angles.

What exactly does an online content marketing campaign include?

Our branding strategists will mix and match any of the following services:

Yet, with that said, we are always striving to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest content marketing tactics and are happy to include more writing, SEO and branding services than previously mentioned. Just ask!

Word Refuge also offers a range of different SEO package DEALS. Our long-term clients save a considerable percentage on monthly rates.

Our agency offers long-term SEO copywriting packages that include regular blog posts, article generation and distribution, press releases and social media management at a reduced rate. After we’ve created your online marketing strategy, our copywriters will continue to oversee and manage your campaign throughout the course of your success.

We also offer discounts to agencies that we have a long-term working relationship with. So don’t hesitate to ask for the Word Refuge Pricing Guide.

Contact us now to get started on your Content Marketing Campaign today. We’re idea people and we’d love to share some with you!

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