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Travel SEO

Travel SEO is a fantastic way to bring travelers to your website and destination.

At Word Refuge, we utilize search engine optimization techniques, persuasive direct response copywriting techniques and social media services to successfully promote your travel package, activity, hotel, cruise, excursion and tour.

We write captivating prose that read like great travel writing, but also include impressive selling points, big benefits and a powerful call-to-action. Our SEO copywriters will not only inspire your audience to visit your website, we will convince them to choose your travel destination for their next holiday or vacation.

How do we do this? How do we market your destination online?

First and foremost, we will do a great deal of research to who your target market is and where they’re hanging out online. Next we determine all of the fantastic things to say about your business and then transform these facts into a powerful marketing message that distinguishes you from your competitors.

We then develop a keyphrase strategy that utilizes both broad, or “short-tail” keywords (Caribbean Honeymoon) and specific, or “long-tail keyphrases” (Guest Cottage Soufriere, St. Lucia, West Indies) to ensure your website is ranking well for a wide variety of search engine queries.  And then we write!

Our copywriters  then deliver fantastic content that grabs the attention of your prospective travel industry customers, while giving search engines a lot of juicy content to crawl.

So whether you’re looking for adventure travelers to join your Amazonian safari, or luxury travelers to charter your yacht – we will market you with sophistication and style.

In addition to writing your website, we’ll happily market you through as many online content marketing channels as possible.

This means utilizing Social Media, SEO Articles, Blog Posts, SEO Website Copywriting, eNewsletters and eBrochures to connect with the international community on a daily bases. This strategy will drastically improve your search engine optimization efforts and the perceived quality of your online business.

We will also travel to your destination – gladly!

Because Word Refuge offers low rates for a writer to visit your travel destination (and are happy to make trades ;-)), it’s a great idea to invite one of us to visit you in person.

Visiting our clients in the travel and tourism industries lets us infuse a personal and emotional charge into your Travel SEO copywriting. We are happy to describe your destination without visiting (and do so very well – there’s a good chance one of us may have been there before) – but there’s nothing like describing a cruise liner when you’re actually on it.

After experiencing our customer’s boutique B&Bs, scuba diving excursions, yachts and vacation rentals first hand, we’ve had great results writing successful copy that brings travelers back to their destination time and time again.

We’re also huge adventure travel junkies…

(Devin, our Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, has been to over 60 countries alone, and is a certified scuba diver and licensed private pilot).

So whether you need persuasive SEO copywriting that promotes scuba diving, recreational aviation, paragliding, rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding (and many other winter sports), backpacking and sailing – our travel writers have done it all. We tend to be adrenalin junkies – and we love writing about it!

We also indulge ourselves in luxury travel. Take a look…

Having sailed on luxury liners and yachts in the Caribbean, the Baltic Sea, the Adriatic, French Polynesia, Antarctica and Alaska – we are fully equipped to describe cruising, private yachting, sailboat charter and all of the fine qualities this type of luxury travel offers.  

We’ve also had the pleasure of staying in some of the world’s finest hotels, quaintest boutique B&Bs, and plush rental villas. We’ve experienced luxurious safaris in Kenya and sumptuous spas in Cabo San Lucas.

At Word Refuge, we know exactly what high-end travel looks and feels like – we know the difference. Our SEO copywriters will describe your luxury travel service with a refined sophistication that sells to the right audience.

And selling to the right audience means aesthetically pleasing them, too.

If you would like us to supply images, layout and graphic design for your online destination marketing campaign, not a problem. Word Refuge has access to a fantastic network of web developers, designers, photographers and artists that would be more than happy to come aboard your project.

We can design your logo and website, eNewsletter and Brochure, along with including quality photographs with every travel article.  

At Word Refuge, our mission is to transform your online destination marketing strategy into a powerhouse campaign that skyrockets search positioning and sales. So if taking advantage of our Travel SEO copywriting expertise sounds like something you’re interested in – we’d love to hear from you!

Contact us now for a free Travel SEO quote today, and let’s begin an online journey together.

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