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Why You Need Great Copywriting for the SERPs

By Devin Miller // January 31, 2011

What is a SERP you ask? Read on to find out my friend…

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page – and you know it very well. It’s the page that comes up with results every time you type a query into Google, Yahoo! or Bing (or any other search engine for that matter). These titles and descriptions are crucial pieces of copy for every website; they are the very first online introduction to your company.

Chances are, the sites that you tend to choose have great titles and descriptions. You may say that you just pick these titles because they’re at the top of the list. Fair enough, but the titles that are at the top of the list are there because they’re the most well crafted out of thousands, if not millions (and they’re accompanied by a website with high-quality, original seo content).

Great SERP content is very likely written by a savvy SEO copywriter; there are many tricks to the trade. But I’m terribly sorry, I’m not going to reveal these little tricks today – because, of course, it is our trade! What I will say however, is that if your website’s pages don’t all have unique SERP titles and descriptions, then you’re missing out on a whole lot of web traffic… and sales.

The use and importance of SEO SERP titles and descriptions goes even even beyond search queries…

SERP titles are also vital copy to have for personal and social bookmarking. When people just have “Home” as the title for their home page, this is all that registers on people’s favorites, in their history and on their social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious.

That’s a terrible injustice to their website! Plus, it’s annoying for users. If you’re looking through your favorites and all you find are Home titles, you never know whose home page it is. I know that I often skip right over these sites in my bookmarks if I haven’t taken the time to name them myself – which again, is annoying!

The SERP title is also what’s displayed at the top of every page, which is useful to refer to if you have multiple tabs open and need to know which page is which. Like right now, the SERP title on the top of this page reads SEO Writing Service, Website Copywriter, Travel SEO – Word Refuge. Maybe you’re on a page and can’t remember who the company is. Instead of leaving that page to go looking for the name (and the services they offer) on another page, you can just look to the SERP title – they’re incredibly useful.

SERP descriptions and titles should also be unique for every page.

Yep, it’s true. They should all be different. The search engines love unique content; they thrive on it. And they hate duplicate content; they punish people for publishing it. Not to say that you’ll be punished for having titles and descriptions that are all the same, but you certainly won’t be rewarded.

Take a look at a few variations of the Word Refuge SERP descriptions:

1.     Need sophisticated SEO copywriting for the adventure and luxury travel industries? Take a look at our Travel SEO and Travel Writing Services!

2.    Engage your customers with creative SEO copywriting! Our copywriting service provides keyphrase rich prose that inspire conversion and boost search positioning.

3.    We will successfully integrate Creative Writing into your online SEO marketing strategy. Engage your audience with creative SEO content today!

4.    Improve your destination marketing campaign and ecommerce sales. Our leading Creative SEO copywriting and Travel SEO service delivers dramatic online results.

By using unique titles and descriptions for each page, you’re not only helping direct searchers to your website, you’re helping direct them to the right page on your website.

From the descriptions above, someone looking for creative writing will be directed to our Creative Writing Services, while another searcher looking for Travel SEO Services will be lead to that unique page. These little pieces of copy are therefore vital elements of your SEO campaign and should be carefully crafted with the utmost care.

If you’d like to see your website making big gains in the SERPS, contact us today and let’s get a professional SEO copywriter on the job pronto. You could see dramatic search ranking results immediately!

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